Thursday, October 08, 2009

filipino in the running for CNN's "Hero of the Year"

from tita mabe, i received an email inviting me to vote for a compatriot, efren peƱaflorida, whose social activism and philantrophy received the attention of CNN which named him one of the ten outstanding heroes of the year.

this month, the leading global news network is conducting an online poll on who among the ten heroes deserves to be named the "hero of the year". the winner gets $100,000 in additional funding.

the story of efren peƱaflorida is something that should inspire every filipino dreaming of helping their countrymen but doesn't quite know how to begin. this young man did not benefit from a hefty trust account nor did he grow up in so-called "exclusive" villages; he is what i would call my own people.

he did not necessarily come from the humblest of backgrounds but this young man's passion, all at a tender age of 28 years old, is something every filipino should be very proud of.

he proves that one do not need millions nor powerful friends to be able to extend his hand to help. one does not have to change the world in a massive scale to make a mark. one doesn't need pictures nor television to document and announce his deeds in order to be effective.

one only needs to have heart and the willingness to sacrifice a little bit of one's time (and perhaps worldly ambitions) to make a difference.

a $100,000 would be a tremendous help. he surely doesn't need it but it wouldn't be too bad to have it either.

please go to and cast your vote. you can check out the rest of the ten identified heroes and if you feel that another deserves it more, then by all means, go cast your vote for that person. they are all deserving of it anyways...

Monday, October 05, 2009

angel locsin vies for best actress in international emmys!

here's an interesting report from the wires. filipino actress angel locsin has been nominated in the best actress category at the international emmys announced today. the pretty actress is competing against 4 others from various countries.

way to go, congratulations!

report below...

Britain receives 9 International Emmy nominations
Associated Press Writer

British television productions received a leading nine International Emmy nominations Monday, including the long-running MI5 spy series "Spooks" for best drama and the TV talent show parody "Peter Kay's Got the Pop Factor ..." for top comedy.

Julie Walters was nominated for her role in "A Short Stay in Switzerland," based on the true story of a woman who took her own life in a Zurich clinic after being diagnosed with an incurable degenerative disease. Ben Whishaw was nominated for his star turn in the thriller "Criminal Justice," about a 21-year-old defendant accused of murder.

A total of 41 nominees from 17 countries will compete for the International Emmys, which honor excellence in TV programming produced outside the United States, in 10 categories.

The winners will be announced Nov. 23 at the 37th International Emmy Awards ceremony in New York, hosted by British television star Graham Norton. Two honorary awards will also be presented.

Brazil has five nominations, including the comedy "The Slum," followed by the Philippines, Germany and Mexico with three apiece.

Mexico's "Capadocia," set in a fictional women's prison rife with corruption, is in contention for best drama, actress (Cecilia Suarez) and actor (Oscar Olivares).

Suarez was nominated for her portrayal of "La Bambi," a prisoner in love with another female inmate.

"I think we need this kind of TV, we need to portray what happens in our country," the Mexican actress said of the gritty prison drama.

"I think it's a different way of portraying femininity, especially in a culture that reveres machismo," she said. "Women are having to be much more assertive and much more forceful."

The Netherlands, Denmark, Argentina, Japan, China and France each had two nominations. Thailand has its first-ever nomination for the children's program "Lharn Poo Koo E-Joo."

"As interest in our competition builds every year, the Academy is proud to serve as a cultural showcase of television from all continents," said Bruce L. Paisner, president and CEO of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, in a statement.

"We ... hope the first-time nomination from Thailand will inspire more producers from many more countries to follow in their footsteps and enter the competition."

Other contenders for best drama include "The Land of the Wind" (South Korea), "The Protectors" (Denmark) and "Sokhulu and Partners" (South Africa). The comedy nominees also include "Hoshi Shinichi's Short Shorts" (Japan) and "Turkish for Beginners" (Germany).

Walters and Suarez will be competing in the best actress category with France's Emma De Caunes for "Night Birds" and the Philippines' Angel Locsin for "The Wolf." Robert de Hoog of the Netherlands is the other best actor nominee for his role in "Skin."

David Frost, whose interviews with former President Richard Nixon were depicted in the Oscar-nominated film "Frost/Nixon," will receive the International Emmy Founders Award.

Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who is German-born, will present the International Emmy Directorate Award to Markus Schachter for his outstanding leadership of Germany's ZDF television network and to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the founding of the Federal Republic of Germany

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