Tuesday, December 04, 2012

2012 national board of review predix

national board of review (NBR) announces their ten best films selection and winning performances tomorrow.

the NBR, NY and LA film critics selections are traditionally the more anticipated lists by Oscarwatchers outside of the real thing because their choices tend to shape the race more than the others. the globes are populist while the guilds just validate the general consensus and they announce much later in the season...

my nbr prediction...

10 best films:

1) argo - winner!
2) les miserables
3) lincoln
4) silver linings playbook
5) zero dark thirty
6) life of pi
7) the exotic marigold hotel
8) the master
9) moonrise kingdom
10) the dark knight rises

best director: ben affleck (argo)

best actor: daniel day-lewis (lincoln) 

best actress: jennifer lawrence (silver linings playbook)

best supporting actor: matthew mcconaughey (magic mike)

best supporting actress: maggie smith (the best exotic marigold hotel)

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