Sunday, January 09, 2005

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

It is indeed unfortunate to see such a promising premise completely overshadowed by special effects.

Jim Carrey fails to impress as Count Olaf, the court-designated guardian of the Baudelaire orphans; Violet, Klaus & Sunny. His multi-character role may have been a big challenge to this extremely talented comedian but the performances he registered on screen reveals otherwise.

The Baudelaire children suddenly found themselves orphaned when a strange fire gutted their house and killed both their parents. The courts then put them under the custody of their only surviving relative, the mysterious Count Olaf, who strangely enough lives just a few blocks off their old house and yet was never introduced to them.

Soon, the children discovers that Count Olaf has agendas on his mind other than caring for them. When Count Olaf fails to eliminate the orphans, the children are moved to the foster care of one of their parents' old friend. But, soon enough, a very unfortunate event would end the kind doctors life.

The children are then moved to another foster parent, this time to an eccentric old lady who fears realtors. Meryl Streep's drolling portrayal of Aunt Josephine is one of the finer elements in the movie.

This is a very dark movie with a very good plot. However, the narrative is a bit unfocused and the parts where Count Olaf was to marry young Violet was too disturbing for a children's film.

The children who portray the Baudelaire orphans are such a joy to watch, especially young sunny, who was so delightful in one particular scene with a giant snake.

Jude Law again appears in what will be his 7th (?) movie appearance this year! He plays the title character.

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