Saturday, December 18, 2010

Roger Ebert lists his favorite 2010 films

Top Ten Films of 2010
1. "The Social Network"
2. "The Kings Speech”
3. "Black Swan"
4. "I Am Love"
5. "Winter's Bone"
6. "Inception"
7. "The Secret in their Eyes" (winner of 2009 best foreign film Oscar)
8. "The American"
9. "Kids Are All Right"
10. "The Ghost Writer"

Jury Prizes:
127 Hours
Another Year

For your consideration:
"All Good Things."
"Never Let Me Go”
"Rabbit Hole"
"Solitary Man"

Ebert’s final analysis: “Overall, 2010 was not a great movie year, but it has many great movies. In days to come on my blog I'll write in more detail about the best in the categories of Documentaries, Foreign, Animation, Thrillers, Indies. Why categories? They provide a way to list more good films. If a "best film" list serves any purpose, it's to give you ideas.”

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