Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Cute post-Oscar story....

Here's a cute story on how a producer's daughter broke an Oscar statuette... (story lifted from the web)

'King's Speech' Producer Learns Why You Don't Give Your Oscar to an Infant
[The Telegraph]

To win an Academy Award is the dream of most everyone in the filmmaking community, that golden statuette confirmation of the diligence, craftsmanship and artistry that went into your labor of love. That's certainly the case for the producers of Best Picture-winner "The King's Speech," who had to fight to find financing and then had to stage a rather dramatic come-from-behind victory to emerge as the big winner Oscar night on February 27. So in the euphoria after their triumph, you can understand why they'd be a little careless. But, seriously, who gives an Oscar to a 15-month-old to hold?

Unfortunately, that's what happened: Lara Egan, the daughter of co-producer Simon Egan, was handed the Oscar by the grandson of Lionel Logue (Geoffrey Rush's character) so that she could have her picture taken with it. And so she did what just about any 15-month-old does: She held it onto for a few moments, and then she let it go. The statuette hit the ground, causing dents and breaking the Oscar's chest plate.

Simon Egan saw it fall, but he was too far away to do anything. "It wasn't so much that it fell," he told The Telegraph. "It was more the sound that it made when it hit the ground." Right afterward, there was stunned silence, and then there were some tears. "It is a thing of beauty and my daughter had destroyed it, albeit unwittingly," Egan said. "We were all terrified."

Thankfully, though, the story has a happy ending. The producers called the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and discovered that they weren't the first people to commit a party foul with their Academy Award. "I was scared the night before to even walk across the road with it," said Egan, "but they were like, 'Come in, it is fine, make an appointment, and we will have it fixed.'"

So they went to something called "The Oscar Hospital," which handles damaged Oscars. According to Egan, a woman wearing gloves took their dented award and came back with a new one within minutes. Whether or not Egan was given a stern lecturing about proper Oscar-holding behavior is unknown, although we sorta hope he did.

For his part, Egan sounds relieved that the whole thing turned out to be as painless as it was. But we hope all of you at home have learned two very valuable lessons. First, don't give a kid something that they might drop and break, especially if it's an Academy Award. Second, there is a magical place called the Oscar Hospital. Does the Academy offer tours?

While we look into that, enjoy this video of cute little Lara dropping the Oscar. She won't be hearing about this the rest of her life. Certainly not.

King's Speech Oscar damaged after producer's daughter drops trophy on concrete floor at awards party [The Telegraph]

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