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My "New Year's Eve" Coverage

New Year's Eve stars share their New Year's resolutions
By Raymond de Asis Lo L.A. Correspondent (The Philippine Star) Updated December 09, 2011 12:00 AM Comments (0) View comments

MANILA, Philippines - Call it clich√© or whatever but nearly everyone has his own resolutions to get better, be nicer, smile often, love more, hate less and all the usual promises as the year draws to a close — and when this writer says everyone, I mean, everyone, even the A-lists of Hollywood, that is.

And yes, oh yes, they do! Just this Sunday, the stars of New Year’s Eve, Warner Bros.’ latest star-studded movie from well-loved director Garry Marshall, shared their New Year’s resolutions (and because this movie celebrates one of the biggest holidays of the year, some also shared their favorite holidays to this writer’s delight) during the movie’s press junket in Beverly Hills.

For Hollywood superstar Michelle Pfeiffer, who graces the big screen again after a brief absence, the last few days of the year are the perfect opportunity for her to reflect on the things and events of the past year although, unlike many others, she doesn’t keep a list of things to do.

“It’s pretty much the same every year,” the beautiful actress says. “My resolution is always to reflect back and look at ways that I can simplify my life and find ways that I can just appreciate the many blessings that I have.”
She adds, “It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race of everything that you forget that it’s all good, you know. Maybe not all of it is good but most of it is really, really good. There’s a lot of blessings we have and a lot to be thankful for.”

Michelle leads the all-star ensemble cast that includes Oscar winners Halle Berry, Robert de Niro and Hilary Swank. Music superstars Jon Bon Jovi, Chris “Ludacris” Bridges and Common are also in the cast, along with teen favorites Lea Michele, Zac Efron and Abigail Breslin. Handsome screen leading men Ashton Kutcher and Josh Duhamel are also in the stellar cast along with sexy and beautiful actresses Katherine Heigl, Jessica Biel and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Katherine Heigl
Garry, whose resolution is “to stop swearing at inanimate objects” and who also gave us last year’s similarly star-studded Valentine’s Day, has assembled another dizzying array of stars to give life to Katherine Fugate’s intertwining stories of love, hope, forgiveness, second chances and fresh starts amid the chaos and charm of New York City on the most exciting day of the year, New Year’s Eve.

Asked how he managed to gather all these stars together, the 77-year-old director replied in his usual humorous style. “Well, I don’t want to startle you but we do pay them,” he said, eliciting chuckles from everyone including Hilary Swank, who said that she would love to work for Garry anytime.

Hilary is cast in the movie as the person overseeing the biggest job in the world on New Year’s Eve, the “ball drop” in Times Square.
The two-time Oscar-winner shared that her favorite holiday is not New Year’s Day but Thanksgiving “because there’s so much to be thankful for.”

She remains thankful even if she had a particularly rough time this year. The star was embroiled in an ugly controversy when she made an appearance at a party honoring a Chechen dictator. This regrettable incident was attributed to poor judgment by several of her management team with whom she has severed ties already.

Sarah Jessica Parker
Hilary likes Thanksgiving more because “you don’t have that pressure of finding the perfect gift for that person even though that’s one thing you want to do but there’s so many people that you have in your life and that can become a real stress. So the idea of everyone that you love just getting together and being with your family around the kitchen table is my favorite thing to do.”

“To sit with my family and friends just around the kitchen table over a great meal is, hands down, always my favorite, favorite holiday,” she adds.

As soon as Hilary finished telling us her Thanksgiving stories, the screenwriter immediately announced that she has just finished writing another screenplay called Thanksgiving to the amusement of everyone.
There was a running joke during the junket on what big holiday will Garry decide to make next. Josh suggested Columbus Day or Veterans Day.

However, for Oscar-nominated teen star, Abigail, Halloween would be it. Even if she considers it the “most stressful” holiday of all, she still considers it her favorite. The 15-year-old star recalled how during one Halloween she had difficulty choosing what costume to wear and when she finally decided on one, all the houses in her neighborhood were already either closed or out of candies that she ended up going to the 24-hour store and just bought candies instead.

Hilary Swank
On the topic of New Year’s resolutions, teen heartthrob Zac, who delighted everyone when he obliged Michelle’s request to perform the “dougie” (a type of dance which the good-looking actor spelled out for me when me met in the bathroom later), would want to spend more time with his family this year.

“I really want to make an effort to spend more time with my family because I just feel like they’re so, so instrumental in my life and I never get the chance to go out with them individually. I want to take them on the Appalachian Trail,” Zac says of his goal. “I also want to spend some time with my mom, solo.”

For Glee sensation, Lea, who proudly shared that she made a successful resolution a few years ago not to go to bed wearing girl’s boxers and T-shirts and wear “something nice so that I feel good after” said that her resolution this year is to “continue to be healthy and work hard… but also to spend time with my family, it’s important!”

New Year’s Eve is now showing in theaters nationwide. Make it your resolution to catch this fun and heartwarming movie.

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