Sunday, December 13, 2009

AFI Top Ten List

The American Film Institute has released their top ten list tonight. The list, made up of American-made movies only, is selected for their outstanding contribution to cinema. Not all critically-acclaimed movies get selected. Those films that deal with ground-breaking subjects, pioneering technology, and genre-defying concepts usually make the cut.

This years list include, in alphabetical order:

1) Coraline
2) The Hangover
3) The Hurt Locker
4) The Messenger
5) Precious
6) A Serious Man
7) A Single Man
8) Sugar
9) Up
10) Up in the Air

Missing in the list are the following movies which i think still have solid shots of making the Oscar shortlist:

1) Invictus
2) An Education (British made, not qualified0
3) [500] Days of Summer
4) Nine
5) Avatar

From the AFI Top Ten, expect "Sugar", "Up", "Coraline", "The Messenger", and "A Serious Man" to disappear from the Oscar radar in the days leading to the announcement of the nominees in February. "Up" will make the animated category. "The Hangover" has a shot now.

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