Tuesday, December 15, 2009

golden globes nominations - and surprises - are out!

the hollywood foreign press presented their nominations for film and tv this morning.

obviously there is a reason why the golden globes is considered the hottest party of the year - they make sure that the biggest stars are nominated even if there are lesser-known stars who give better and more compelling performances but had to suffer because of their perceived lack of tv audience pull... hmmm

take the case of jeremy renner. the breakout star of "the hurt locker", who has won a slew of awards from several critics and has long been considered a potential oscar-nominee for his gritty turn in the iraq war-drama, was snubbed in favor of tobey maguire ("brothers"). is it because tobey is spiderman while jeremy is not? and what's this i heard that tobey's pal leonardo di caprio threw a party days before??

here's another. there is no doubt that sandra bullock deserves some acting notice for her beyond ordinary turn in "the blind side" but for her to get nominated for a rather routine performance in "the proposal" and not zooey deschanel whose lovely turn in "[500] days of summer" formed part half of the two of the best characters i so loved this year is perplexing, totally!

and julia roberts is a superstar and an oscar-winner but was she better than maya rudolph this year? julia was fine in "duplicity" but even she must be scratching her head now why she is shortlisted in a category that should have included maya rudolph's splendid turn in "away we go"! --- that is unless the globes forgot her like i did when i made my forecast yesterday. i was to put her on my five picks but i was only able to type four... duh!

but all these are forgiven because the globes nominated my favorite "[500] days of summer" for best comedy and i hope it wins although my money is on "nine" and the weinstein brother, yes... the weinstein brothers!

the best drama picks are fine but i would have loved to see "invictus" over "inglourious basterds" which i thought was more comedic like "up in the air". "an education" was also edged out because of this misclassification.

the best comedy picks include "the hangover" and "[500] days of summer" --- and that is enough for me.

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