Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bloggers who leaked Oscar script censured, banned!

I applaud this move by the Academy to ban and i hope permanently banish this wannabe wikileaks-style blogger who leaked the Oscar script... See the story i culled from the web below...

Oscars ban blogger after spoilers published
Sat Feb 26, 9:25 pm ET

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – The Motion Picture Academy has banished a writer for the controversial blog from the Oscars ceremony in response to a series of posts revealing details about the upcoming show.

Michael Fleming, a New York-based film blogger, had his press credential revoked after his boss, editor Nikki Finke, published a series of Oscar "spoilers," including a full rundown revealing everything planned for the February 27 telecast of the world's top film awards.

The spoilers, which were initially published along with derogatory statements suggesting the telecast would be boring (though the derogatory language was later deleted), prompted the Academy to take action against the website.

Academy spokesperson Leslie Unger declined to comment on the ousting, but sources confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that Fleming's backstage press credential has been revoked as punishment for the breaches of secrecy surrounding the show. The spoilers prompted a backlash of sorts on Twitter, where commenter's questioned Finke's rationale for revealing the schedule and called her actions unethical.

Finke wrote on her MMC-owned blog that she had lodged a formal complaint with Unger.

When asked about the leaks at Saturday's Spirit Awards, Oscar host James Franco told THR, "Oh well! It's just a monologue." Admitting he had not heard about it yet, Franco concluded, "I guess I'll hear the fallout when I get over there (Oscar rehearsal)!"

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