Thursday, April 23, 2009

bye anoop :(

when american idol started the season, i thought i would stick by it through its entirety... but no, it just wont let me.

first, they cast off tatiana, the puerto rican whiner who can cry like an angel and laugh like a devil possessed all in the same frame - she was my favorite auditioner.

my hopes went up again when the top 13 was selected. indian anoop desai (hello slumdog millionaire), blind scott mcintyre, and everyday man michael sarver (big burly oil rigman from texas) got in and i was watching again.

first to go was michael. it was okay.

scott held on and was sent home after 5 weeks. i was still watching - but only the wednesday result shows. nope, i stopped voting after tatiana did not make top 13.

last night, anoop was sent packing and i was crushed.

i watch idol for entertainment's sake. i don't watch it strictly as a talent show. there are already so many singers languishing just below billboard's top 100 and i don't care if these idol contestants want to join them. i am after my own enjoyment. and sadly, this season, idol gave me its last last night.

until next season then. oh, by the way, so you know, i am now rooting for kris allen to win - but if he doesn't i wouldn't mind.

does anybody know what tatiana is doing now?


antonio said...

now i understand your position. entertainment it is.

i think adam lambert is going to win and i don't really care. i only want to see self effacing kris allen up there. he's the david archuleta of this year when it comes to "looks department." he'll be competing with gokey for the top 3.

so sad to see anoop last night when i was just beginning to enjoy him.

Raymond Lo said...

i hear yah...

thanks for leaving a comment, but can i say i "hate" adam lambert?

:) what's the opposite of like?
when i say i don't like adam lambert, is hate the next appropriate term?

i am so mean!

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