Tuesday, April 28, 2009

should i be scared?

let's veer away from showbiz this time.

yahoo is reporting that two deaths have been linked to the dreaded swine flu virus in bellflower and norwalk.

and why should this matter to me? you ask. i live in bellflower! and norwalk is just a cough away from bellflower. tell me, shouldn't i be scared?

i think i will have more reason to stay indoors now. gyms are potential hazards and i got an excuse not to go. what else. projects! i need to finish this rush job by may 10 and i am at most 15% through with it.

but seriously though, i am pretty scared about this terrible outbreak. is it another terrorist handiwork? i wonder. it's so sudden and how it spread is very much suspect.

let's squeeze in the movies now. they say that one of the best precauitions against contracting this disease is for people to avoid contained spaces, hence the gym, wink, wink.... but let me ask, should people start avoiding moviehouses, too?

i am afraid the big summer movies are gonna be affected the most if this virus is not contained soon. what bad luck it would be for X-MEN if its opening weekend gross suffer after its unauthorized internet leak weeks ago. terrible. terrible. terrible.

oh well. gotta wash my hands now.

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