Thursday, April 30, 2009

2009 bad headlines continues...

can someone please twitter me what's so wrong with 2009? it's barely 5 months into the year and it is shaping up to be one of those years you'd remember more for the bad headlines than anything else.

the economy is slumping - it's actually slowing down, feds say. then the swine flu - yeah, the H1N1 flu, hit mexico, crossed to the US and is now creating quite a huge scare all over the world! omg!

and now our favorite hollywood couples are separating.

first came out news that mel gibson and his wife of 29 years have filed for divorce. the couple used to be role models of marital bliss but when a young east european model came along and, voila, marriage turns suddenly sour.

today, sean penn and robin wright penn, married for over 13 years, announced that they are likewise separating. what!?

i wonder who else out there are going to announce their headline-making separation next.

thank goodness for heidi and spencer for restoring my faith in hollywood marriages! lol. yes, the OC couple/brats got married over the weekend although, unfortunately, had their cancun honeymoon cut short due to... yeah, yeah, the mexican flu. it was still a good headline over at TMZ.

it's not a perfect world, i suppose. but whatever, it is yellow to me.

oh yeah, more bad news. adam lambert is still on AI. i find the guy actually very good but also very boring.

i only caught the last 2 minutes of last night's show because i was so captivated by last night's criminal minds. was the guy who played the serial killer tha same guy on the verizon commercials? the one with the "whole network following you"? twitter me please...

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Anonymous said...

the world is coming to end, that's why...i saw it on history channel, there's even a date (sometime in 2012) so all these unfortunate events are to be expected...including the fact that beyonce's movie will be #1.
-sally - entertainment