Saturday, May 02, 2009

ghosts of girlfriends past

matthew mcconaughey is connor mead. he is your typical celebrity photographer who changes girlfriends as often as he clicks his camera. he is so good at hooking women that they don't mind being the nth weekend date for the goodlooking playboy. in one instance, he even had to break up with three women all at the same time. how he actually does it is something that made me enjoy this movie.

going into the theater i was so ready to use every imanigable review cliches, like comparing the movie to "ghosts of bad movies past", but then, quite surprisingly, the premise and plot actually worked! yes, it's a chick flick and you could see the ending just by looking at the movie's poster but then perhaps the mention of the philippines during one of the key scenes somewhat influenced me, i dont know but i liked the movie.

jennifer garner is jenny peroti. connor's childhood sweetheart who once left him brokenhearted during prom night. this incident would trigger the change in connor's attitude towards women.

jenny and connor meets again after so many years during the weekend wedding of connor's younger brother, paul. connor's arrival is greeted with both excitement and fear. the ladies are excited to be in bed with him (apparently, weddings are now considered sex fling haven) while the bride and jenny fears that he may ruin the entire wedding just by his mere presence.

typical of connor, he starts making his presence felt during the wedding rehearsal dinner. he tells everyone why getting married is wrong, blah, blah, blah. he fondles the bride's mom. he spills secrets to the bridesmaids. he does everything that is expected of him.

unfortunately for him, his dead uncle wayne (michael douglas, in a role that required no effort at all) comes back and warns him that he will be visited by three ghosts who will take him through his life's journey to find the reason behind his insensitivity towards love and committed relationships.

should i tell you more? you already know where the story is headed.

the movie has some very funny moments and i specially liked the casting of pretty daniel de wulf as connor's assistant. she makes sure that her character's indian accent is not supposed to be funny thus she makes it very cute with her witty remarks.

it is a delight to see jennifer garner in a romantic comedy. she doesn't have to work much in this movie but one can tell that she had fun. matthew mcconaughey is his usual character. i cannot fault him for this. he seems typecast in this kind of role and he may be making good money out of it, otherwise, why would he be doing it?

i got no other complaints. reo speedwagon dominates the soundtrack. need i say more?

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