Saturday, May 02, 2009

from ghosts to the soloist to hugh jackman

haven't been to the movies in a while.

yesterday, me and my friends xtn and malou trooped to edwards to catch 3 movies!

we started with ghosts of girlfriend's past. it was good. see my review, it's already been posted

next was the soloist. the movie's sub-story on the phlight of homeless men and women in LA induced me to shed some tears. it's not a great movie but the story is wonderful. my friend anselmo told me earlier that he didn't like it. he thought it was confused on what the story is all about. review will come out next.

the last movie we saw at exactly 12:20AM was X-MEN. hugh jackman is phenomenal. he can be on broadway and be credible. he can host the academy and he is credible. he is a beast-like creature with huge torso in x-men and he is impossibly credible. how does he do it. the movie was actually not so good; however, jackman is an enormous presence onscreen. i interviewed him once for the prestige and he doesn't look in person anywhere near the physical attribute of his wolverine character. amazing. review will come out soon.

theaters were full this weekend. i suspect that over-all box-office this weekend will continue the winning trend of hollywood. thank goodness for that.

i was home at 3. good thing it's saturday today.

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