Friday, May 22, 2009

subject: cannes 101

my friend and rob pattinson's secret canadian girlfriend yvonne asked me to give her some idea on what cannes is.

i haven't been to cannes. heck, the only eiffel tower i've ever been to was the one outside the paris las vegas hotel (the americana in glendale has a miniature version, too!) poor me... i know :)

but that doesn't stop me from pretending to know something about cannes.

so here, let me address my berk's questions about cannes:

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From: Yvonne Castro [mailto:xxxx]
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Subject: Cannes 101

kelangan ko lang sa iyo tanungin -- yes i believe ikaw lang makakasagot nito. what's the objective of the cannes filmfest? is it to show / premiere coming movies?
yes and yes to both.

cannes film festival was originally designed to compete with an italian festival during the 2nd world war.... do i see you yawning? hahaha... anyway, over the years it evolved to become the world's most prestigious exhibition of all forms of cinematic art. from the worst (like "kinatay", according to roger ebert) to the best ("farewell, my concubine", "the piano", "pulp fiction", etc.) at cannes, all films are cinema.

or to look for potential distributors for them? yes. all movies that are shown at cannes have their world premieres at cannes. cannes is designed to sell those movies that are screened. of course, there are movies (typically hollywood-made) that don't need selling anymore. they come to cannes for free publicity. every year, the festival attracts journalists from everywhere in the world, and hollywood producers usually take this opportunity to advertise their products. films like kinatay need cannes to get a global audience.

shempre kaya ako nagtatanong is because imjust curious why rob pattinson is there. your bf descended onto cannes to create buzz for the new twilight movie and the indie flick "remember me" that is set to open in the US next spring. his apperance at cannes is, yes, to sell that indie movie. (i wonder if piolo pascual saw him... wink, wink.. - don't get jealous now!)

reports say its to promote his upcoming movie remember me which is yet to be filmed and has no lead female star yet. but it seems his interviews were all new moon/twilight related .... yun lang. writers typically wants to write something that would be interesting to readers. how do you sell a movie like "remember me" when nothing about it except for your bf is saleable (at this point)? you market it along with "twilight" - genius, right?

yey, kris allen won! di pala kami pwede magvote dito from canada. :( but my friends from chicago vote like crazy for him kasi may unlimited texting sila. lagot ka kay orange!!! hala!!!!

love your blogs thank you - forward it to your friends :)

na curious tuloy ako sa "kinatay". teka so the reviews were that bad?!? haven't finished reading your blog on that, though. no. reviews are mixed. it's the kind of cinema that will be appreciated more inside classrooms. commercially, it's got no future. it's a work of art. period. lol.

p.s. have you seen little ashes (the one with rob in it playing salvador dali)? not yet.

thoughts? will let you know.

saw angels and demons kanina. book was better, as expected. they changed a lot of the details from the book. but it was just okay for me -- good that great >>> i sound like randy jackson in my comment there. hahaha. better than to sound like paula! hahaha. and you thought am nice. lol...

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