Friday, May 08, 2009

should i trek to the movies?

pardon the pun - lol. but with $37 mil first day gross (including thursday night previews), star trek is expected to generate somewhere between $80 - 85 mil this weekend. that is awesome for a franchise that i thought was already dead. hmm.

am not really a big fan of star trek (it's obvious) but early reviews are mostly raving. i wonder if i can sneak sometime this weekend to catch it.

j.j. abrams disappointed me last time with his over-hyped but quite underwhelming creature flick cloverfield. am glad that he's back with a better constructed film this time.

may is shaping up to be another busy month for hollywood. can it top 2007's trifecta of spider-man , shrek , and johnny depp's pirates? i think it's possible. four more big movies are opening this month. next week, angels & demons will bow (heard that a major book plot was "changed" in the movie!!! hmmm - i wonder what it was, wink, wink...). then terminator salvation will open, too. then on may 22, ben stiller's night at the museum will unspool as well. on may 29th, disney-pixar's up will try to close the month with a bang! oh well, who says we are in a recession?

angels & demons remains must-see this month.

other "small" movies opening this month include jennifer aniston's (who is she!?) management (she is a traveling saleswoman who starts an affair with a motel manager) and japan's departures, the best foreign language film winner at this year's oscars.

see you at the movies!

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