Sunday, May 17, 2009

did you feel that?

oh, man, that was scary --- LA got hit by an earthquake!

i was trying to help my friend edgar edit his website and suddenly the floor felt like it was lifted from under and the building shook in a matter of seconds. scary - real scary.

after a busy day, all i was looking forward to was a quiet evening. take an hour or so to post my daily update and consider it a day, but... the ground shook!

good thing i was almost finished with the website and was about to start this post. but with the ground shaking, i now have to gather myself again and try to remember what happened the past 24 hours.

since my last post, i have had only 6 hours of sleep. duh.

last night, my friend kasia had her birthday celebration at caliwok. we were there for less than an hour. the place was packed! while there, i saw kasia parade in three different costumes and saw how great a singer bobby solis was. he has an amazing voice. he sang michael buble's feeling good and nailed it to perfection.

my friend tony came with painter matt relox, whose paintings i will post sometime this week (not the paintings but pictures of the paintings - yeah, i know!).

we went to denny's from caliwok and stayed until about 130am. i had their chocolate shake (because i saw in&out while driving to denny's and had a sudden craving for choco shake) and fries - it wasn't really good! in&out should have been better. but after matt picked the tab, the choco shake started to taste a little more tasty :) thanks dude!

today, we met with sisters erlinda and evelyn granada. the sisters are film and concert producers. after i had my car brought to the dealer for the 60k (yeah, i drive a lot!!!) maintenance, they picked us up and we went to tgifriday's in cerritos towne. we went at 12noon and left at 6pm! in those 6 hours, you can only guess what sort of stuff we talked about. lol.

by the way, the lovely sisters wanted me to tell you that bernardo bernardo will hold a show at O BAR in cerritos on june 19th. will post more details as i get them. the dvd release of florante's recent concert will also be released soon. and the movie they produced called green river is now on dvd and netflix - rent it out, it should be good!

... and the earth shook!

is it yey or yikes?

angels & demons took the top spot at this weekend's box office by narrowly outearning star trek by roughly just $3 mil. jen aniston's management flopped resoundingly - oh well.

and lakers beat the rockets! whoa!!!

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