Wednesday, May 20, 2009

surprise, surprise!

didn't i tell you last night that surprises make for good ratings? dancing with the stars took the lead and idol followed.

am not saying kris doesn't deserve to win idol (billy bush tweetered that the votes weren't even close - there was no contest!) but the show benefitted more from last night and tonight's drama than kris or adam did.

idol this season is off almost 10% ratings-wise. the addition of a fourth judge didn't help enliven the clearly aging show. good thing the contestants this year are among the best idol has ever had. in fact, everyone who made the top 12 could very well win the title! except for bikini girl - but then again, she didn't make it past the eliminations right? :)

now, let us examine why kris allen won over adam lambert when clearly the latter has a more versatile and powerful voice.

let us eliminate the obvious. kris has the boy-next-door appeal while adam has this rocker-edgy appeal that is interesting in the beginning but eventually proves tiresome in the end. sorry, adam fans. it's just me. you can contradict me anytime but then again, in my view, the world is yellow. :)

it's also obvious that the audience has a sense of kinship over kris. they saw how kris evolved during the 12 weeks of competition. he wasn't something who carried that so-called "wow" factor. he cast himself as an easygoing dude who delivers good and solid performances week after week after week. and every week, america patiently voted for him.

adam, on the other hand, risked fatigue with the audience (it is evident now). from the first rounds of elimination until last night, adam has been the most consistent if not the best singer this season. his stage training (saw him perform as fiyero in the hit musical wicked) was very apparent in his weekly theatrical performances. i wonder why simon was so enamored by this guy when in fact, adam was the most boring contestant this season. the hair changes and wild make-ups do not make one interesting forever. should i be telling you that? take heed alison, okay?

of the idol contestants this season i see kris allen going the most distance. adam will stay of course but will almost certainly go the way of taylor hicks. danny gokey, could follow elliot yamin's track and have a reliable if not very successful (read: daughtry-like) career.

and where is tatiana???


kris watch

kris will be on billy bush's radio show this morning at 9am. on friday he'll be larry king's guest over at cnn... tony v. are you still following? your boy is now taking the world! awesome, eh? :)

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