Wednesday, May 27, 2009

reader reacts to my hayden post

i would like to share with you one particular email i received from a friend who knows a friend of a friend (you know the drill - lol). my friend shared with me the back story behind the videos and how it surfaced. my friend will remain unnamed per his request.

except for the names of some parties, which i partially cover, here is the unedited text of his email. i highlighted some explosive allegations though. lol...

From: jxxx mxxx
Subject: Re: Fw: hayden kho videos reviewed!
To: "raymond lo"
Date: Wednesday, May 27, 2009, 11:21 AM

i hav some news for you, accdg. to my source it was all started when V---y told one of his doctor friend who work with her in her clinic to ransacked the condo where Hayden is living, by the way the condo is owned by V---y, to look for the vidieo or vidieos that Hayden is keeping. What v---y doesn't know is that the doctor friend, he's a chinese, hates Hayden so much 'cause accdg. to the source eh kinangkang din ni Hayden. So when the doctor friend got hold in to those videos and have it copied before giving it to V---y.

Something is fishy we don't know why because the doctor friend is now blackmailing V---y for about four million siguro hawat din niya ang sex video ni V---y. Noon pa man ay marami nang tsismis kay V---y during may Citi days na insatiable daw ito. Finally accdg. to source eh binayaran pa man din daw ni V---y si R--- M--- para maki pag sex lang kay Hayden.

Anong say mo ? Siguro type ni V---y na makipagsex ito kay Hayden na may pinapanood na video na iba ang partner hi Heyde ..... maniakis talaga ang V---y LOL........


i heard a sequel to the alleged maricar reyes video has been released. i was even told that at least 40 videos are waiting to be released. star cinema, what are you waiting for? lol

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Anonymous said...

Naiintriga na ako sa issue na to ah...question, bakit naman umabot pa sa senado ang issue na ito? And what's the whole story? I mean, ano ba, san ba kumalat ang videos? Please explain.


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