Tuesday, May 12, 2009


a woman found a copy of the script of New Moon, the sequel to Twilight in a dumpster in st. louis. whoa, sign of things to come? hopefully not, otherwise my friend yvonne will be extremely disappointed.

new moon is slated to open in november and yet the buzz is starting to grow this early. michael sheen, the talented brit who starred in the queen and frost/nixon is giving hard-core fans almost daily updates on twitter.

what else is up today...

oh yeah, a rat snake bit a man's penis in taiwan. that's no joke! reuters is reporting that a man was bitten inside his own bathroom in rural taiwan. whew! he's gonna survive, the report says.

and yeah, the big suspense is now over. ms. california usa, callie prejean, is gonna keep her crown after all. today, the donald hogged the limelight again as he announced that prejean will get to keep her crown as long as she starts following directions from pageant organizers.

prejean famously got the ire of pro-gay marriage advocates because of her anti-gay rhetorics during the pageant and her subsequent appearances in anti-gay rallies. she also feuded publicly with blogger perez hilton. she defended her freedom of speech rights - which she absolutely is entitled to, during her speech today. i wonder how this free publicity for the ms. universe pageant improve its sagging public appeal. hmmm.

patrick swayze will come with a book detailing his battle with cancer.

reality TV couple jon and kate of the series Jon & Kate Plus 8 are publicly denying that they are cheating on each other. who cares? i didn't care about them before they had 8 kids, why should i care now. duh! lol.

oh yeah. the stock market, my current favorite past time is down. my beloved C is down. whatever.

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