Monday, May 25, 2009

day's most absurd headline

i saw this headline: 'Jon & Kate' spouses say they're angry at media and i lost my temper. lol.

literally i screamed, "what the f#@!" (am really sorry for the profanity - i just couldn't help it.)

jon & kate are parents to a sextuplet and a twin (not sure - but they have 8 children) and together they star in the lifetime reality series jon & kate plus 8.

recently, the couple, for some incomprehensible reasons, were tabloid fodders. he for apparently dating another woman and she for, yes, also dating another man.

today, they came out with a statement protesting the media frenzy behind their "private lives".

now, now, tell me again. what "private life"? who are they kidding? when they start making money by letting the cameras into their home and prostituting their family on tv, i don't think they still have a claim to whatever privacy. hell no!

but why am i ranting, didn't i say in a previous post that i don't care a thing about this couple? hahaha. am really weird. but whatever.

you know what's weirder? i finally have copies of the three hottest movies in the philippines these days. nope, not bootllegged copies of terminator (which i heard was "terminated" this weekend at the box office, night at the museum 2 (the box-office terminator), nor angels & demons.

i have all three vids of hayden (is it "hey-den" or "high-den"? or do you care at all? haha) kho. i plan on watching all three tonight (if i couldn't go to cannes, i will have my own film festival of independent films at home instead) and will let you know my verdict in my next post.

should brillante mendoza be worried that i might award hey-den or high-den a best director trophy, too? let's wait and see, shall we?

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