Sunday, May 31, 2009

new moon stills

diablo cody (left picture) is the oscar-winning writer of my favorite ellen page movie "juno".

today she was tweeting about twilight hearththrob rob pattinson.

here are her tweets:

#1 Here's how old/uncool I am: Saw R. Pattison at a party a few months ago and was like "Are you in a movie, sweetie?" This really happened.

#2 Pattison continued: I bummed a light from him and went on my merry way. Noticed young girls hyperventilating and took note.

#3 Don't get me wrong-- the man is stunning. It just takes me a little longer to catch on to major trends.

#4 Uh, I misspelled "Pattinson" on purpose to underscore how trend-illiterate I am. Yeah. That's it.

cody used to be a stripper.

meanwhile here are some stills from the twilight sequel new moon's trailer that premiered tonight at the mtv movie awards where, not surprisingly, twilight dominated and scooped all awards it was nominated for.

for tita amie and yvonne :)

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