Thursday, May 14, 2009

bye izzie

so katherine heigl finally got her wish. she's out of seattle grace hospital.

it is hello hollywood for her now. she has a movie coming out with gerard butler in june. now she'll have lots of time to do the movie's promo.

meredith and derek are "married". oh well, it took four seasons for them to do so. let me hazard a guess - when the series comes back in the fall, the couple are already separated. it's so un-hollywood if they are still together by then... lol

"You'll love me, even when you hate me."

"Nobody walks out, no matter what happens."

bravo! kudos to the writers.

and o'malley is dead! :(

too bad, he can no longer vote for his favorite american idol - sorry, can't help it. :)

by the way, here are the pictures of the last two contending idols.

do i need to remind you on who is the subject of yesterdays "kiss" blog???

so mean... just kidding!

my friend tony thinks kris should win. personally, i find adam incredibly good but helplessly boring. well, it's just me.

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