Tuesday, May 19, 2009

wild day, crazy night

my friend sarah had her 3? birthday today. to celebrate, she hosted dinner at mayflower in chinatown. mayflower is the favorite chinese resto by flips in los angeles. one can get delicious authentic (well almost) chinese for a good price. there are more flips eating here that i sometimes think a flip owns the business. walls are adorned with pictures of philippine-based stars and pound-for-pound king manny pacquiao has a section of the wall all to himself. would you believe even makati city mayor binay has a picture hanging on the wall? yeah, no kidding.

why am i telling you all these? hmm, nothing really. i just tried to write whatever comes to mind. i am trying to apply that "idea" theory observed by critic roger ebert when he mercilessly trashed brillante ma. mendoza's cannes entry kinatay. actually, after the euphoria of the past two days, i am already having misgivings about brillante's future at cannes. i don't see him coming back again in the next two or three years. he had his chance and i think he wasted it.

oh my, i am rambling again.

i just wanted to tell you how crazy it was in los angeles today. first we had that 4.1 temblor (an aftershock actually) at 3pm today. and then downtown LA hosted four mega-events tonight.

the lakers hosted the nuggets. lakers won! yey. don't tell my co-workers that because i tell them i am for whichever team that plays the lakers - just to keep the playoffs more fun, yah know.

the la dodgers hosted the ny mets with the dodgers pulling away with a 5-3 win. awesome! they've proven that even without the overpaid manny ramirez, the boys can deliver! goooood!

then dancing with the stars had their finale. what a shocker! :) as if i care... haha... shaun johnson pulled an upset againt sex and the city hunk (by the way, cynthia nixon is engaged!) gilles marini (is he related to jan marini? jologs time!!! lol). but upsets make for good rating so go figure... :)

and finally, idol aired the first night of its 2-night finale.

adam lambert and kris allen duked it out tonight. i did not watch it. i know, but i gotta work. simon fuller does not pay me to watch it - but i can blog about it, can't i? :)

early word has it that adam may win but it's actually kris allen who could win. an online poll by yahoo has kris allen leading amongst idol bloggers. way to go tony v! if kris wins, will you buy me a ticket to their idols tour concert? please, please?

all these four events made the drive to chinatown such a pain. traffic on the 10 and 110 freeways can only be described with that four-letter word and i add a dash (or a hyphen, whatever) and the word "up".

now did my "idea" entertain you? don't tell mr. ebert i am experimenting with his theory, okay?


Anonymous said...

So who won American Idol? Ugh, like you said, as if I care...

Speaking of AI, apparently, David Archuleta and that other David (the one who actually won) went to Manila...


Orange said...

What happened with Mendoza at Cannes?

Orange said...

Ok, I obviously didn't read your entries chronologically... :P

antonio said...

you deserve more than a ticket! you'll have snacks during the concert and a late dinner at the mayflower resto.

tony v.

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