Sunday, May 31, 2009

shocker, shocker!

final score: 6-2, 6-7, 6-4, 7-6

it's inconceivable!

rafael nadal lost to a swede, who before today, was virtually unknown and never got past the 3rd round of any of the four major tennis tournaments. so sad.

today, robin soderling handed rafa his only defeat on the fabled rolland garros clay court. rafa ruled the french for four years and won 31 consecutive matches since his debut in 2005.


i still can't believe it! i thought my sunday would be a good one after a gruelling week at work. i was working all-day saturday and had to miss a party at california wok to celebrate the los alamitos bar/resto's grand "reopening" after expanding its banquet hall. i had to miss the show specially conceived by my good friend joseph gelito (alhough i was told there is a video that i can watch)

i was in high spirits today - looking forward to a long day of rest, you know :) i got off the bed at about 1130am to check if there's anything in the fridge that's edible in 5 minutes. i found nothing - and my day is off to a rough start.

then i opened my basic cable (yeah, it's still got some use) to check what's on tv. i was expecting the usual news and game results from the french open. luckily, rafa's 4th round game was being aired on nbc 4. but i immediately paused and asked myself why it is on tv - i thought that was unusual. normally, tennis games don't get this rare airtime unless it's the finals, or the semi-finals even - this was the 4th round! something was wrong... i tuned in, forgetting that i was hungry. when the score flashed, rafa was down a set. so that was it. an upset might have occured. that perhaps rafa lost? no way he could lose!!! no way.

that score had me glued to my tv. i found myself completely lost in the game quietly rooting for nadal to take out his usual game and show the young swede who's the king. but rafa just couldn't pull it off this time. it was painful to watch him lose. quite so painful. :( :(
i don't know what happened after. when the final score flashed, my tv went dark.

i was supposed to meet with tony v. tita evelyn, tita minda, and tita jo (tita evelyn's sister, erlinda would later join us) and i completely forgot about it. at quarter past two, tita erlinda was calling me and i didn't notice it until it was nearly 3 when i checked my voice mail and got her multiple messages.

i am always late. they were actually expecting that i would be late, so it didn't matter that i was late again today. but i had a good excuse. rafa lost.

would roger federer be able to take this year's championship now that rafa is out? i think he could but my money is on russian nicolay davedynko now. why? just a hunch. i had to pull a name and he seems to have the easiest route to the championship.


weekend update. UP is, well, up there in the box office race. With an estimated weekend take north of $65 mil, the disney pixar animation toppled last week's leader night at the museum. but up can't top the shock of rafa's unexpected defeat today. i need a drink. i don't care if there's work in the morning. need to have one....

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