Monday, May 11, 2009

i am 5 feet 7 inches today!

yep, that's right! i am 5 feet 7 inches today. don't tell tom cruise that - lol!

i am wearing today this really cool elevator shoes my uncle gave me yesterday. it's got a 2-inch heel that makes me appear taller than my normal height. my legs are already strained, if you are curious. :) but it's giving me some extra confidence boost - naw, my deodorant is working fine, i don't need it for that... wink!

anyway, my uncle was here for the weekend to cover the terminator:salvation junket. while in town he also did interviews with AI's david archuleta and former actor and recently-married (to writer cora pastrana) raymond bagatsing. he flew from tokyo where he did an interview with tom hanks and the cast of angels & demons.

last night, we went to california wok in los alamitos to catch their mother's day show called "sa ugoy ng duyan". headlined by joseph gelito and filipino tenor jonathan badon, the two-and-a-half hour show featured classical music and nostalgic songs specially selected for yesterday's occasion.

joseph, as usual, wowed the crowd. he is just as funny and as great as ever. his comic antics complementend well the songs he picked. jonathan, who flew from texas, was a revelation. his singing voice is spectacular! he sung songs from various genres but the most memorable was the sentimental el divo song he sung specially for his mom who was left teary-eyed and visibly touched by the song's message.

several guests took to the stage to render some songs including joy salinas (who flew all the way from italy) and louie reyes. it seems like the airline industry benefitted so much this mother's day as so many people flew from everywhere just to be at last night's show. and it was well worth it. everyone was visibly loving the show while at the same time enjoying the delicious food served by sonny and novie's california wok.

by the way, funny thing happened yesterday morning. someone texted me with a "happy mother's day" greeting. guess what i did - i replied merry christmas and happy easter just for fun...

my friend tony v. had a similar story with an email message. oh well, if that's the case, happy mother's day to all!


Anonymous said...

Ok, so this means I'm actually taller than I thought I was...

If you're 5'7" now with that platform shoes with 2-inch heels, then that means you're 5'5" without it...and since you're only 3 inches taller, then I must be 5'2"? Hurrah!


Raymond Lo said...

whatever works, i guess... lol

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