Wednesday, May 27, 2009


* latest news has it that voting to last week's finale of american idol was somewhat rigged.

according to the arkansas democrat gazzette, kris allen fans had a little help from AT&T. the tel company is idol's biggest sponsor.

i wonder how tony v. will react to this. he must be listening to kris's better version of the kanye west song "heartless" on his itunes as you read this. i burned him a copy and according to him he hasn't stopped playing it since sunday.

* tom cruise and baby-mama katie holmes reportedly spent $100,000 for suri's birthday. whoa. it's a good thing though. they need to spend to stimulate the economy - lol.

* eminem topped this week's billboard chart. filipina singer charice, continues to climb the singles download chart over at itunes.

charice' "note to God" performance during oprah's show last week was dismissed as treacly by entertainment weekly. what is treacly? go ask my friend tony v. :)

* a debate is raging on facebook over the state of the filipino film industry. is it dead or not? what do you think?

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