Saturday, April 25, 2009


been hearing about twitter a lot these days. i read it on Details, see it on CNN, find it on YAHOO - it's anywhere!

and now, thanks to KFC grilled chicken (why KFC??? - ask me and i'll tell you), am now tweeting - is that the right verb? tweeting? anyway, am on twitter now. name: ph_raymond.

i don't know how it works but hopefully i get to catch up quick.

now on to other non-twitter-related topic.

this week, i was vent on eating just oatmeal. monday, i was fine.

tuesday - not fine. the office had what we call a "WE-TREAT", a tradition poor non-management staff started about five years ago when the management team of my company started having these so-called two-day annual retreats. this year, they went to palm springs and we had barbeque and a table-full of delicious cakes and pastries. bye oatmeal.

wednesday and thursday, i was in good behavior. i might be able to actually finish the week somewhat triumphant.

... and friday came.

tonight. i scheduled two dinners in two cities separated by about 30 miles. at 7, i was at my friend's birthday dinner at p.f. chang's in burbank - they serve chinese and i probably consumed more than two normal people would -- it's one of my fave restos, what can i do?

at 9, i was to meet with another set of friends at toscanova in century city - by its name, i don't have to tell you it's italian.

i made it to the first dinner but was an hour late to the 9pm dinner - i didn't even make it for dessert. dang! but it was a good night. it ended on just the right note.

i wonder what's opening this weekend. is "the soloist" coming out today?

could someone please twitter me if it is....

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