Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just Asking

Has there been a generation shift in Hollywood without much of the public taking notice?

Note that Julia Robert's latest movie in two years pulled in only $13 mil during its first weekend outing and has quietly slipped in the rankings.

And now consider Miley Cyrus' Hannah Montana's first weekend take of $33mil++ - amazing, indeed!

This week, zac efron toppled russell crowe and ben affleck with his megastar-like weekend blockbuster "17 Again".

We all know that Tom Cruise's career is so over. Can we pin our hopes on Will Smith still?

Just asking.


Anonymous said...

Gen Y has taken over Hollywood...


Raymond Lo said...

sad :(
i can't picture hollywood without the stars i grew up with...

Anonymous said...

oh they'll be around for sure...as mums and dads of the lead stars....


Raymond Lo said...

and that makes me sadder... come to think of it, brenda and jenny on 90210 (is there anyone out there watching it???) are already mums... waaah!!!

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