Saturday, September 12, 2009

[500] days of summer

saw [500] days of summer monday last week. i was supposed to write my review about it the same night, however - and, here comes the confession part - i have been too distracted with my new blackberry and facebook that i never got around to doing it.

i set out to do this review today, saturday (sep 12), and i don't think i'll finish at all. am switching back and forth between this blog and my facebook page. aaaaaaaaaahhh, facebook, what have you done to me?

i am stopping now. it is 730pm. i need to rush to alhambra, my friends rjay and roby are inviting me to dinner and i don't wanna be late, although at the rate am going, i am gonna be late anyways...

to be continued...

and i returned to this post monday noon.

[500] days of summer debuted at the sundance film festival this winter and was released to wide audience in july. i never got to see it at once as i was stuck with my deadlines at work. august came and i almost forgot about it until i started getting more active with facebook and saw how my friends were raving about the movie.

so on labor day last week, to avoid the traffic on the highway, i decided to pay edwards a visit and catch this love story and finally see what the buzz is all about.

the movie begins with tom and summer breaking up. [500] days of summer is not your eternal sunshiny summer days (as i initially thought back in january) but the 500 days that it took tom to finally understand his complicated relationship with summer finn (the summer in the title).

the movie has a winning cast and two charming leads in zooey deschanel and joseph gordon-levitt.

the story is not so complicated. it's your typical boy-meets-girl, boy-loses-girl, and the complications that follows. what makes it more special is how it treats the subject matter with warmth care and incredible insight. it is like watching my own story unfold on screen! it was sweet torture.

there are no debates that could ever settle what constitutes true love, but this movie makes a good case for those who are still hanging on, holding on, in their beliefs that love, after all, comes to everyone and maybe it would take years, months, weeks, days, or hours from now --- but it will come.

in my case, my 500th day has yet to come but i am not losing hope. i know somewhere out there, someone waits for me in a coffeeshop or just on a cross street. i am not miserable anymore but i am not completely happy either.

when tom erupts in a joyous sing-and-dance mood after he discovered that he was in love with summer finn, i couldn't help but break into a wan smile - the exuberance of the moment makes me long for my own sing-and- dance moment, too...

i love tom, i love summer, i love [500] days of summer.

thank goodness, i finished. there are so many good stories to cover and i am just lazing around.

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