Tuesday, September 29, 2009

shows lined up to benefit philippine flood victims

so much can be said about the filipino character but in tough times filipinos do not turn their backs from their own.

the past few days filipino communities worldwide have united in concert to help the victims of the devastating flood that swept metro manila and its underlying provinces and cities last weekend displacing half a million people and killing nearly 300.

in los angeles, filipinos from all walks of life have started their own fund drives. i know someone who immediately emptied her closets and sent three balikbayan boxes yesterday. bless your kind heart mel - you are God's gift.

and it's not just filipino citizens who are sending support and assistance home. i have a friend, the gifted austrian artist astrid steiner who is currently on tour in vienna. she sent our friend sally a commiserating email yesterday and instructed sally to go to her new york apartment and get the money she left and send them immediately along with sally's to the philippines. her gesture took me not by surprise - because astrid is a kind person to begin with - but with awe. we didn't tell her about the situation in the philippines but she saw the devastation in the news and immediately thought of extending her hand to help. astrid, i love you and thank you!!!!

in the days after news of the flood and the subsequent call for help, filipino artists based in LA took immediate action and planned several shows to benefit the victims.

this friday, october 2, a charity event called "bayanihan" will be held at the CARVAO (location: 210 w. birch st., brea, CA 90821). the event starts around 7 and is free, however, voluntary donations will be collected. all proceeds will be forwarded to ABS-CBN foundation. surprise performers are expected to show up... but it doesn't really matter who performs, does it? the main purpose is to extend help and we ought to do our own share....

and on october 11, sunday, a fund-raising show will be held at the celebrity center in hollywood beginning at 3 in the afternoon. details are still sketchy right now but here are some details i know:

a) jazz artists tateng katindig and kevyn lettau are expected to perform
b) there will be a silent auction of various items (i.e. disneyland tickets, wines, etc.)
c) event needs volunteers, please email creativeconceptsintl@gmail.com for more details.

will provide more updates later as i get the information...


xtine said...

Shows - Silent Auction for October 11 items to be announced later. still in the process of getting sponsors for the Silent Auction anybody willing to donate (Gift Certificates, lotions, soaps, wines, high End Chocolates -Gift Baskets are gonna be made with your donations, Or Anything Valuable that we can auction off - please email cmacalalad@gmail.com)

esoteric yoga said...

i have a box ready to be shipped to the flood victims....if anyone can help me get it there please post a reply.

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