Friday, September 04, 2009

back from hiatus

i recently bought a blackberry for cheap.

i was on my way to seafood city on vermont in LA and i chanced upon this radio shack offering blackberry curve for $19.99 (i had to purchase a 2-year data plan - but, of course) and i immediately grabbed the offer.

i have been thinking of getting one for sometime now. i wanted to experience the mobile lifestyle that's the current craze among several of my friends. true enough, just the day after i had my blackberry activated by sprint, i was already hooked on facebook mobile and was tweeting endlessly --- for hours!

i did not forget about my blog of course. i was busy the past weekends having interviews with kate beckinsale, gabriel macht (yup, that't the spelling), and aussie actor alex o'laughlin (who is appearing this fall on "three rivers" over at cbs - i think). the threesome appears in "whiteout" due in theaters later this month. i was at the ultra-chich luxe hotel in brentwood for the interview and i was so awed by the rich people having $60 dollar lunches!

last saturday, i was at the hollywood palladium in sunset for a late-scheduled interview with singer katy perry. the singer is behind the hits "i kissed a girl", "ur so gay", and "hot & cold". it was originally scheduled at 6pm and was pushed back to after 7. my 15 minutes was trimmed to about 5 minutes ---- sob... but she was fun and very, very nice.

i saw her concert after the interview and she gave a rousing show!

i am back!!!


Anonymous said...

will there be a future interview with any New Moon stars? i'm going gaga over their new trailer. i hope the movie meets MY expectations lol

Raymond De Asis Lo said...

haven't heard from the publicists yet. last year i did cover the twilight junket and i hope i get to do it again this year... - entertainment