Tuesday, September 15, 2009

good manners 101

serena williams.

kanye west.

joe wilson.

these three people are the newest faces of how not to act in public. their actions in the past week have launched a thousand newspaper headlines all over the world. television news have reran countless times the footage of their shameful outbursts. and the public have weighed in with their opinions and it's clear: the world hates them!!!

the trio have officially offered their apologies and are now on damage control mode.

serena was fined $10,000 for her outburst during her semifinal match against eventual champion kim clijsters at the us open. she was said to have threatened to kill a line judge (to which serena vehemently denied in the beginning) over a disputed call. the us tennis association are still investigating and serena may lose her $375,000 prize money just for reaching the semi finals - i hope she does! --- i am so mean :D

joe wilson is not the same wilson depicted in the julia roberts-tom hanks movie "charlie wilson's war" - the real charlie wilson immediately distanced himself from the issue - but he sure has become famous overnight just for his inappropriate "you lie" remark during obama's health care address last week. the congressman remains steadfast on his action and have refused to publicly apologize insisting that he already apologized to the president directly - what a jerk! haha --

kanye west is a pitiful publicity hound. he is delusional. he thinks he is the biggest music superstar in the world today. his mic-grabbing and subsequent tirade at the MTV music awards sunday night showed the world what kind of brat west is. today, he blames his outburst to his mom's untimely passing last year. but wasn't he carrying a bottle of cognac on the red carpet before the start of the show? shouldn't that be the reason - aside from him being a "jackass" (as obama himself called him?) oh well, he got two days of free publicity and he got the world talking about him. certainly, he IS the most popular singer these days... sad!

what happened to civility?

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