Tuesday, September 15, 2009

prince harry turns 25

the late princess diana's youngest son is 25 today.

time, indeed, flies fast.

wasn't it just a few short years ago when the world was engulfed in grief over princess diana's untimely death? when the world saw how the two young princes, william and harry, showed royal grace when they waved their mom's casket goodbye?

now, those two young boys are men and about to take the world! harry is the most outgoing of the two brothers - he has been photographed wearing a swastika patch on his shirt, he graced magazine covers wearing just his boxers and have been very public with his love life.

william's demeanor on the other hand is more traditional and reserved, a trait truly befitting that of a man who will one day govern the united kingdom.

if the princess were alive today, she would most definitely be proud of what his sons have become.

happy birthday harry!

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