Monday, August 17, 2009

and another celebrity in sex video!

will the parade of celebrities recording their sexual trysts ever stop???

there was actually a little lull for sometime but today another one joins my library of sex videos. eric dane, who is more popular as the playboy doctor mc steamy in the hit medical drama "grey's anatomy", is featured in a new sex video together with his wife and another hot chick.

gossip website was the first to scoop this titillating news. tmz picked it up and the blogosphere is now abuzz with this latest "video release" - lol

here's the link to the "censored" version. apparently, an extended and uncensored version is also available. look it up in the text after the jump.

let me see. i have paris hilton's infamous movie debut, hahaha. i also have kim kardashian's. i have tommy lee's and pam anderson's. i have simon rex's. i have colin farrell's. i even have katrina halili's and what's-his-name.

and now, i've got this new addition. wait, what does that make me???

oh, this is sick! lol... i didn't know my hobby was to collect celebrity porn - hahaha!

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a regular guy ;)

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