Thursday, August 06, 2009

remembering dani

i am not gonna pretend to have known dani so well. i only got to know him recently when i became active (or semi-active, if you will) in various filipino-american community events.

dani used to intimidate me a lot. he was the type who had a lot of friends but it seemed to me in the beginning that becoming his friend was no easy task. he had this commanding presence about him that anyone who doesn't quite know him would take negatively. i was completely wrong.

he actually had an easy smile and a very funny sense of humor! as i said, i never really had a chance to know dani that well but from what little i know, he was a well-loved figure in the los angeles fil-am community. dani was a singer, performer, nurse, floral artist, among others, but to his closest of friends, he was our brother.

dani left us for heaven on july 2nd. his passing may have coincided the events of michael jackson's own death but dani's star was able to shine as brightly as jackson's - his friends made sure of that.

i never did get to bid dani farewell. today, i want to humbly bid him goodbye. your friends miss you but we know you are in a happier place now. you take care and God bless you always...

dani is 6th from left behind tony v. (picture courtesy of tita lydia v. solis)

in this art photography by benny uy, dani waves from heaven to his friends who gathered at his memorial last july 5th.

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