Thursday, August 06, 2009

evan rachel wood joins true blood cast

talented young upstart evan rachel wood joins the cast of my current favorite human-vampire tale "true blood".

i don't really wanna go deeper into what her character might be as i am waiting for the current season to end and the dvd box set is released. i have concluded watching the entire first season last weekend and i am now on my second viewing. the stories of these bon temps, louisiana characters are something that i haven't gotten tired of yet. sookie's and bill's love story plus sam's mysterious shape-shifting past intrigues me no end.

now comes this exciting news about evan rachel's casting. from what i've heard, she plays a queen or something. i don't know if she plays a "queen" or her name merely starts with a "queen" - lol (spoilers are not allowed to comment! hahaha)

evan rachel wood is a perfect addition to the cast. she has previously appeared on "thirteen" alongside holly hunter who was also anna paquin's co-star in the oscar-winning "the piano". evan is notorious for dating goth rocker marilyn manson. what's gonna happen in bon temps now? am so curious to know yet am unwilling to even go to true blood's webpage. i'll wait for the dvd. i think i can... i hope. hahaha

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