Wednesday, August 12, 2009

should i be taking hints?

is my landlord trying to evict me from my apartment? should i start following my friend's xtn lead and start looking for another one?

this is crazy. and i wouldn't blame anyone who would think that i am making all these up. my landlord is actually a very nice guy but the way things have gone during the past four weeks, i am left with no choice but to think that he may indeed be too nice to even tell me directly that i need to vacate my apartment and instead he is giving me all these hints.

sometime last month, electricity to my apartment was inadvertently cut off - or was it really "inadvertent"??? i endured five days of punishing summer heat and headache-inducing sleepless nights before power was restored (that is after three false promises.)

today, something else occured. and i am seriously thinking that all these couldn't be dismissed as merely coincidental. i woke up this morning to find that gas supply to my apartment was cut off!

wtf indeed! to top it off i had guests spending the night over!!!

i had my friends jaggy and xtn spend the night in my apartment because we were supposed to catch the meteor shower early this morning. i volunteered to drive to joshua tree national park near palm springs (a good 140 miles drive from LA) but as things usually go about when our group make plans, it didn't happen. we instead spent the night watching "america's got talent" - the dancing couple, the one with the normal-sized lady lift a man that is double her size, was amazing!

i wanted to witness the meteor shower again. the experience of watching meteorites bursting into bright shooting stars could never ever be topped by artificial fireworks. i saw it last time back in the philippines with my berks and several other colleagues from citibank (we went to this 24-hr fastfood called goodah near UP afterwards - that was also fun!). it was truly spectacular!

but we never get to go last night. so after watching "america's got talent" we were discussing xtn's apartment options until we called it a night at about 12midnight.

morning came and the biggest surprise of the day greeted us. there was no hot water running!!!

if i catch a cold this week, i don't know what else to blame. my friend xtn braved the near-freezing water and so did i. our friend jaggy didn't. i repeat, jaggy didn't shower today! eww... hahaha...

but, kidding aside, taking a shower without hot water is not funny at all! i grew up in the philippines taking cold showers in the morning but america has pampered me a little bit and i have gotten used to warm showers with a heater running by my shower door! aarggh!!!

i have left voice mail messages to my landlord and i hope this gets fixed soon. i have nested in my apartment and i don't really entertain the thought of moving yet again.


joem said...

My,I would thonk the same. But bad luck knock three times remember. If it happens again, think you should be moving. Let me knoe where to find you, LOL.

gie said...

That's weird. Did it happen to all or some other units or just yours? If those things happened to your unit only, you don't need to think, just go....Run....

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