Sunday, August 02, 2009

tita cory is gone...

when the false news of president cory aquino's demise started circulating more than a week ago, i composed a brief obituary in her honor that would be ready anytime she does pass away. this is in no disrespect to her, naw! this is what news organizations do for high profile personalities, i just wanted to be ready.

but ready i was not. when news broke out of tita cory's death friday afternoon in los angeles (saturday morning in manila) i was nursing a bad headache and a sore nasal palate. i couldn't update my blog and publish my prepared obituary for our beloved tita cory immediately.

but a tribute is still a tribute i guess, be it two days late or whenever. right?

here's what i prepared:

former philippine president cory aquino died today after a graceful battle with colon cancer. she was 76.

aquino, or tita cory to every filipino who lived through the tumultuous days of the 1986 edsa people power revolution, was a plain housewife and a full-time mom when she was thrust into politics during the waning days of the marcos dictatorship. she is survived by her children, grandchildren and an adoring public.

her ascendancy to the top of philippine politics and the successful and peaceful people power revolution triggered a wave of similar civilian-led revolution everywhere in the world. for these, she was named time magazine's "woman of the year" in 1986.

tita cory may not have brought about all the changes - particularly on the part of the economy- that she dreamt for the philippines, but her real legacy lie in the freedom and democracy that every filipino, young and old, are enjoying now. it will probably take many years before the philippines become an economic superpower - thanks to you-know-who but the pensive image of her in a red suit as she graced time magazine's yearend cover has imprinted to the whole world that the philippines is more than the thousand shoes and lavish parties it used to be infamous for. we are a nation with dignity - real not made-up, dignity, after all.

thank you tita cory. say hi to ninoy - and give our thanks, too - for all of us.



i am not sure if a state funeral is planned but what i know is that tita cory will be interred on the 5th at the manila memorial park where her beloved ninoy lay.

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