Tuesday, August 18, 2009

hugh dancy stars as "adam"

i was pleasantly surprised to see hugh dancy again when i saw "confessions of a shopaholic" on dvd many nights ago. hugh is a british actor who received public notice when he appeared with claire danes in the 2007 drama "evening".

that movie was rather boring and meryl streep's appearance late into the story failed to save the movie. hugh, however, struck me with the way he exuded his character's vulnerability. he played the closeted brother of claire danes who was secretly in love with his sister's fiance. the cast was awesome but critics mostly singled out his performance.

in "confessions..." he stars opposite the lovely isla fisher and he plays the romantic lead this time. the movie is a certified chick flick but the winning chemistry between the two leads make it an enjoyable one. the movie was released back in march.

this month, hugh stars in a movie yet again. he was gone for sometime and returned with two movies - whoa! so that's why he was gone. oh yeah, that and he also got engaged to his "evening" co-star, claire danes.

hugh is headlining the critically-acclaimed "adam". critics are hailing the movie for hugh's charming portrayal of a single man afflicted with asperger's syndrome. i haven't seen the movie but by the looks of it hugh stands a chance to get into the best actor shortlist in next year's academy awards.

i tried posting the trailer of adam but i just couldn't upload the damn thing!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

saw the trailer, looking forward to watching it...

movie night tonight at home...run, lola, run...

oh and have you seen "the edukators" yet? it's in german with subtitles...must see!


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