Tuesday, July 21, 2009

cholocate hills in "world's most astonishing landscapes list"

imagine my surprise when i clicked on the forbes website and discover this picture prominently displayed on their front page. i thought it was familiar and i was right. it was the chocolate hills of bohol, indeed. i've never seen it photographed as majestically as this before.


here's is the entry on the world-famous chocolate hills of bohol in forbes magazine's 2009 listing of the world's most astonishing natural landscapes.

The name of these unique mounds comes from the fact that the green grass covering them turns deep brown during the annual dry season, but is does not hurt that they bear a striking resemblance to Hershey Kisses. The stunner is how perfectly uniform each of the conical hills are, and inevitably, first time visitors simply cannot believe they are not man made. However the scale of this construction project was best left to Mother Nature: There are too many of the hills to count—estimates range from over 1,200 to 1,700!

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