Friday, July 10, 2009

sookie & bill or bella & edward

take your pick... hahaha

did stephenie meyer copy - oops, it think that's too strong and almost accusatory, let me correct that - hahaha.

okay, now, did stephenie get her idea for her "twilight" series from the sookie stackhouse series created by edgar award-winning author charlaine harris? that thought came to me while watching an episode of the current season of "true blood", hbo's adaptation of the series of books based on the lives of vampires in a fictional town called bon temps in louisiana that harris publised beginning in 2001.

what actually made me very curious were the seeming similarities (i don't know if you can call it that but it's intriguing in a way) between the two major characters of the two source materials. in "twilight", edward cullen, the hunky vampire couldn't read through his beloved bella swan's thoughts while in "true blood", sookie stackhouse couldn't read her beloved hunky vampire's thoughts. neat, huh!

harris' story is more gothic in style and follows the genre's convention almost faithfully with a little tweaks here and there. meyer's, curiously, does the same thing. hmmm...

i haven't read any of harris' novels but i have read all four of meyer's books. but after watching the pilot episodes of true blood (bought the boxed dvd three weeks ago) the tv series somewhat struck as being familiar! but whatever, i maybe just thinking too much.

i haven't watched beyond the first disc of my 6-disc dvd set but the two episodes i saw showed me enough to instantly like it. sookie, as played by oscar-winner anna paquin, is sweet yet strong-willed and is struggling with her telepathic gift when she met vampire bill compton, played by brit stephen moyer (why do brits make good vampires??? will someone tell me please...) the two strike an instant connection and find themselves attracted to each other - switch the characters and what do you get? very familiar, right?

there are murders that the town of bon temps have to contend with. i believe the town of forks (twilight's setting) had the same problem too... stop it!!! hahaha

please don't get me wrong. i actually like both so i will stop comparing the two now.

i just wonder when will i be able to pop the next discs again. the somber news of the past two weeks made me watch tv more! help me sookie! er, bella may do. hahaha...

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