Thursday, July 16, 2009

days of darkness, day 5

i wrote in my post last monday that power supply to my apartment would be restored that day. i didn't realise that it was like wishing for michael jackson to dance again because when i reached home monday night, it was still pitch dark! but what really surprised me most was that i still remained calm.

my friends jaggy and pochaco kept provoking me to get mad at my landlord friday night but i kept my cool. how can i be mad when my neighbor at the next building had to cut short his dinner to drive to wherever bob, my landlord, lives to tell him personally that i was feeling miserable? - which reminds me, i need to get the kids (my neighbor's kids, that is) some presents this weekend :)

so my apartment was still power-less. sigh. i called bob (and i was taken to his voicemail box again!) to gently remind him again that power was still out. i was in a quandary. i didn't know what to do. i was planning on watching peque gallaga's masterpiece "oro, plata, mata", which my new friend jo atienza loaned to me with strict reminder to "soli mo kaagad ha!". jo is someone i wouldn't tire of talking about movies with. she knows a lot! amazing! it was just amazing to hear her tell funny anecdotes on how some of the movies i love - and despise - got made. but i am again rambling...

i had a lone lamp providing me light. a small fan to circulate the trapped warm temperature from the oppressing summer heat during the day and my fridge with nothing in it except for juices... what am i gonna do??? sleep, i guess. hahaha.

morning came and bob called me at about 8am. he told me power would be restored later tuesday. i said my usual thanks - with half a smile on my face. tuesday night came, it was still dark ---- and i am no longer amused.

to bob's luck, i had to run to nearby musikahan bar and resto to join some of my friends in a despedida party for tony v. who had decided to leave for manila (for good!) after 21 years of living in the US. he says he's tired of america, but i think it's because hilary, whom he voted for in the last election, lost... lol - just kidding.

the party was already winding down when i got to the venue. i caught a couple of speeches and songs for tony v. before the group gathered for pictures. am still waiting for my copies of the pictures from my friend greg and as soon as he sends me those, i will share some of them with you. i will write more about the party as soon as power is restored in my apartment.

to be continued...


Anonymous said...

wow, ibang klase calmness mo.
i did not have internet and home phone connection for five hours(my service prov was fixing something in my area, updated din po payments ko lol) i was really freaking out. well one of the reasons is that my mobile does not have a good reception inside our apartment.
goodluck to you ;)

Raymond De Asis Lo said...

rent is cheap, that's why i am not raising so much hell. hahaha - entertainment