Wednesday, July 22, 2009

say bye paula

who's gonna miss paula abdul when idol returns in winter without the nearly incoherent and always interesting comments from the exuberant (according to attorney general janet napolitano) host?

abdul's publicists are running the media portion of the sometimes heated contract renegotiations common in the business. after ryan seacrest received a whopping $40++ million contract to host idol for a few more seasons and simon cowell reportedly inked his own contract extension to a reported sum north of $100 million, the singer-dancer's tactic turned public.

i wonder if idol producers will take her bait.

personally, since simon cowell's comments seem to be the only one that matter, i would prefer seeing just simon on the panel with different guest hosts every week. what do you think?

is it time to prepare ourselves to see paula in one of those reality shows? dancing with the stars, are you paying attention?

oh well, she already made millions from the show anyway, while i am scrambling a few cents from this blog. my opinion does not matter anyhow - hahaha...

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