Thursday, July 16, 2009

day 6

i was wondering during the past nights if will ferrel and jack black share the same feelings that i had after their pre-historic comedies both bombed at the box office: were they also feeling "alone in the dark?" - sorry, i just had to write it...

oh, if you are a first time reader, would you mind if i direct you to these two previous posts so you'll have a better chronological understanding of what am writing about?

let's pretend that you are interested at this point and is very eager to see my first post on this subject - lol... here's the first link:

and when you're through with the first post, here's the follow-up post:

don't worry, we're gonna wait up. when you are through with the two previous posts, we'll still be here when you come back - hahaha... am trying to be funny. it's a good thing you can't hit me over the net, otherwise i would be all bruises now :)

if you noticed, am a little perky and playful now. that's because i got power back in my apartment! yay! i had it restored early wednesday morning. i didn't leave for work until i get to see my landlord and tell him personally that i need to have electricity back running in my apartment again. for full effect, i did not comb my hair after showering. nor did i blow dry it. i looked like a big wreck coming off a hair-pulling fight when he saw me. hahaha.... i told him, my hair was suffering because i can't use my hairdryer. he only nodded; he barely had hair on him...

am not exxagerrating (is that how you spell it? am not using ms word and can't check it - lol), my hair did look very funny. i am currently experimenting (in the spirit of the recession) by growing my hair longer than usual. i like it alright, but it takes me a long time in the morning to dry it. and without power, i've been driving with the windows down just so the airwind could help me dry it --- take that as a tip. or is it? hahaha...

so power was restored. thank goodness! bob, my landlord, was very apologetic about it. i told him i didn't really mind. i wasn't really pissed at him at all (it wasn't his fault, actually) --- besides, my rent is so cheap that a few days without power is something i could live by (am saying all that in hindsight now, of course) but hopefully not everytime a tenant moves in or out in the lower floor.

i would be able to watch "oro, plata, mata" tonight. oh, by the way, tomorrow night, i am watching the press screening for ORPHAN at 8pm in santa monica and, on sunday, i will have an interview with talented actors vera farmiga and peter saarsgard. can't wait!

tomorrow night, i have a rendezvous with my friends jo and james. they are watching aureus solis' BOY, which will screen at the outfest festival in fairfax. we plan to meet after and head to los feliz to catch a late-night dinner at fred 62.

my days in the dark are over. day 6 is bathe in glowing light... yay!


Ianne said...

good for you! :D be thankful you are in cali and not in texas! not having air conditioning in the summer months here is deadly!

Raymond De Asis Lo said...

here in cali, temps are in the above normal levels, too. good thing i am only home at nights :) - entertainment