Wednesday, July 01, 2009

jonas brother engaged!

as if the world has not had enough of crying already.

when michael jackson's untimely death started hitting home, fans and non-fans alike couldn't help but shed a tear or two for the fallen king of pop. and i didn't realise until today that just this past week, hollywood saw five deaths! ed mc mahon, who was johnny carson's sidekick and who also popularized the ubiquitous intro "heeeere's johnny", died monday last week. farrah fawcett and michael died two days later. sunday, the world was greeted with the news of popular tv pitchman billy mays (he popularized the oft-repeated catchphrase "but wait, there's more!") dying in his sleep. today, another hollywood icon, albeit four generations my senior, has joined our creator. karl malden, who is famous for his supporting parts during hollywood's golden years, was 97. God bless his soul.

and now there's another reason for the world to weep.and this time it will be those teenage girls who will be mostly affected - i guess. but i could be wrong since i don't know the exact numbers of cougar moms out there lurking, you know, wink, wink! lol.

girls, kevin jonas, the 21-year old older brother of the famous trio is engaged! no date for the wedding has been set but, nevertheless, this news is surely going to send shockwaves all across teenage-dom. if i were you, i would avoid the malls these days... lol

in other news... a regular reader alerted me today of a star (no correct that, couple of stars is more like it) sighting at the century plaza mall in century city. ruffa gutierrez and john lloyd cruz was said to have been seen holding hands while entering the panda express outlet in the said mall and both were wearing havaiannas!? lol

and here's a news items whose veracity i have yet to confirm and thus will remain blind. a singer-actor apparently was so drunk the night before they were supposed to have a show and was supposedly the cause of his absence from the said show. los angeles offers one of the best night life in the world - that is, if you know where to go. now, where could have this actor gone? but first, is this story true? probably not. but then...


Anonymous said...

of course, it's true. ask photographers who know what really happened.

drinking made him sick, very sick, ha, ha

Anonymous said...

saw ruffa and john lloyd at exactly 1:45 pm holding hands at the panda express.

the boy and his cougar, lol

Anonymous said...

Will you please post a photo ?Thanks !

I want to see JLA and Ruffa .LOL

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