Friday, July 03, 2009

it's all about kids!

really! it's really all about kids... many of you may have noticed that my only "free" day these days is sunday. sometimes, all invites overlap that i so disappointingly have to beg off.

take for instance what happened just this past sunday. i had an invitation to filipina actress ruffa gutierrez' birthday party at the cbs studios and to toni gonzaga's concert in anahaeim but i had to give up both because i already said yes to the baptism of my good friends louie and lito's second child in pasadena and a reception dinner in alhambra. i skipped the church ceremony and went straight to dinner - lol. it was fun. i met with old friends and we had a good time packing on extra calories!

if it wasn't for someone who mentioned that i seem to be going to a lot of kiddie parties, i wouldn't have noticed that, yes, indeed, i have been spending the past couple of sundays going to birthdays and baptisms. is that what turning 33 does to you? you try to channel the so-called fountain of youth? lol...

here are some pics that i want to share... aren't they adorable?

pictured above are lisa marie, my goddaugter, with my "adopted" niece naomi ann woody. third picture is my big fat face and my other "adopted" niece lauren abrams.

group picture!!!

my aunt lita and my niece, my cousin jerome's daughter, jewell. she celebrated her first birthday a couple of weeks back... isn't she pretty?

but of course, my sister will not forgive me if i don' t include my favorite of favorites! here's a picture taken in may in boracay with my mom (yep, that's her - sexy and all, and she's 52!!!) and and my pretty and smart (she sings abc and tomorrow, tomorrow to me on the phone. she also "reads" her story books to me!) niece christelle! she's only two and showing real smart traits! you have to forgive me, i am her uncle and this is my blog. hahaha....

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