Wednesday, June 24, 2009

are republicans really conservative?

...or plain hypocrites? this is not a sweeping accusation of course, but i can't seem to reconcile the fact that more so-called republicans are doing the very things they themselves call "immoral"! shoot the crap!

i guess it's those ultra-conservative republicans that i should be calling out in this post. with deference to my republican friends, pls allow me to air my thoughts about this, after all, in my view, the world is yellow anyway... :)

two weeks ago republican senator ensign revealed that he had extra-marital affairs. today, another top republican, governor sanford of south carolina dropped his own bombshell: he, too, had been having dalliances with another woman. a couple of years ago another republican congressman was caught with his pants down in a men's restroom!

and if you will also recall, dethroned ms california, carrie prejean, who is a fierce conservative from orange county drew wide criticism over her comments against gay marriages only to admit later that she posed nude when she was a teenager? what the F!

would you rather be open and tolerant and be branded a liberal than be a conservative but doing exactly the opposite of what you say you adhere to when the spotlight is not shining on you? i'd rather be called a liberal sinner, if that is the case - lol.

and i thought the news about north korea, with it nuclear capability, threatening that it could wipe out the entire united states in minutes was the day's most outrageous news! oh well...

oscar news!!!

it's not all bad news though... today, the academy of motion picture arts and sciences or AMPAS announced that beginning this year, the nominees for best picture will be increased to 10 from the current 5. that is indeed good news.

this early, i am calling "UP" and "The Hangover" as two possible nominees...

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