Tuesday, June 23, 2009

true blood

last sunday, after mass, and in-between my two-part laundry day, i drove to borders in cerritos towne to get myself a boxed set copy of the first season of hbo's vampire series "true blood".

i was at costco earlier that day - stuffing my cart with cartons of vienna sausage, spam and fruit cocktail bound for manila, lol - when i saw it. i wasn't thinking of buying it but i saw an episode of the current season saturday night on hbo (my cable company aired all premium movie channels for free this weekend, apparently to lure "basic" cable customers like me to subscribe - hahaha, am sorry, a weekend of free hbo, starz, and cinemax is enough for me) and i was pleasantly surprised how engaging it was.

the set was priced at $44 in costco. my budget-conscious mind immediately recalled that i received an email and printed a 40% coupon from borders last friday. i put the dvd set back after deciding that it would be cheaper to get it from borders instead.

from costco, i drove to the mall in downey to grab lunch, buy graduation presents for pia, james and camille (i know you are reading - wink, wink - thanks!) and i also started my father's day post (which received such enormous response that i am still overcome with joy for the positive effect it had on so many readers - thank you!) from the mall, i went to the laundromat and started running the first of my 6-week stack of laundry (i know what you are gonna ask next, and the answer is no... hahaha!) i finished my post, published it without re-reading it, dropped my freshly laundered clothes at home, took the borders coupon and ran to the church. i had a shower in the morning - yes. thank you :) because i was supposed to meet with wilma, her two kids, and tony v. for a father's day lunch, but i overslept and failed to join 'em.

at borders, i was surprised to find out that the store no longer carry a library of movies. another sign of recession hitting my favorite bookstore, i guess. luckily though, the store still carry the top 20 new releases and surprise, surprise, "true blood" is in their top 20! hmmm... :)

i took the only copy they had. borders' price was $60 before discount. am not deliberately trying to compare costco and borders, but to give you added perspective, i checked wal-mart, which was only next door to borders, and their boxed set is priced at $39 - i should charge these stores for giving them free advertising --- which reminds me to remind you my readers to help me fund my next car by clicking on the ads scattered somewhere on this page (shameless, i know -- and a little bit delusional, a car???? hahaha)

with the coupon, i paid borders $37 for the dvd set; and my sunday turned a lot better. writing that post for my dad drained me of some energy - i admit, i was crying at some point while writing it and it must have shown by the amount of typos and errors in the first draft.

went back to the laundromat and finished the rest of my laundry. would you believe that i washed more than 60 shirts (that's not counting the undershirts, shorts, boxers, and others) that day?

i finished at about 10 pm and went home exhausted. i had a late dinner (leftovers from california wok -- xtn, ali and i went friday night and had tremendous fun with my super-funny friend joseph gelito) and caught "bull durham" on cable. it was an amazing movie. will try to post my review of that '80s flick sometime this week.

i was so exhausted that i left the dvd set in the car. i will not pop disc one of "true blood" until monday night.

... and my next post will be about it :)


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