Tuesday, June 23, 2009

where is the love?

that's for rapper and black eyed peas member will.i.am... dude, where is the love? come on!

the singer who preached love and understanding in their eponymous breakout hit is apparently not for real. he supposedly gave notorious celebrity blogger perez hilton a black eye. now, consider this: black-eyed peas versus black-eyed perez! nice huh? that creative blurb is how tmz (or was it ew.com) described the feud.

will and perez were in canada when the incident happened. since the incident, both have posted videos on the net, each claiming that he is the aggrieved party - what's new, eh? but what is being whispered around hollywood is how perex earned his current beauty mark (lol). it seems that perez called will.i.am the F-word. nope not the swear word but the other f-word that gays consider derogatory, get the idea? so, is will.i.am gay? i don't know and who cares...

another couple publicly feuding is jon & kate. i blogged before how i hate this couple. they made tons of money off their lives and that of their 8 children and when they felt that they are no longer in love with each other, they suddenly wanted privacy and lambasted the media for intruding into their lives. what the F! (now, that's the other f word, hahaha)... i promised myself i will not give this two blogtime anymore but i just can't resist the urge --- hate them, hate them... lol

yesterday, they filed for divorce and their reality show effectively canceled (in TV parlance, an "indefinite hiatus" means cancellation). good for them, though i feel bad for those cute, adorable kids.

and chris brown gets 5 years probation, 6 months community service and 0 (read: ZERO) jailtime for beating his former girlfriend, singer rihanna, to pulp last fall. the singer gets what they call "celebrity justice".

if you got kids, tell them it's okay to hit women or commit near-homicide as long you are a celebrity --- and women deserves to be beaten black & blue if they start yelling at men, too!

when you are a celebrity, you get away with everything unless you are a has-been. it's an oft-repeated quote and it is never truer in this case... oh life, indeed...

where is fairness, where is love?

it's best to refer to my previous post about life and fairness then, i suppose... http://raymond-reviews.blogspot.com/2009/06/yield.html

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Anonymous said...

i got what i wanted re: your comments about jon and kate's "divorce". thanks.


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